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Onlia Insurance Invites Ontarians to "Go Online With Onlia"

The new campaign reflects a strategic emphasis on clarity and convenience.

Blue Onlia logo
by Team Onlia

TORONTO, JUNE 2, 2022 – Onlia Insurance, one of Ontario’s fastest-growing insurtech providers has unveiled a new campaign, entitled “Go Online With Onlia” that focuses on the ease and convenience of arranging auto and home insurance through the brand’s intuitive online platform.

Ontario-based Onlia competes for a share of Canada’s $69.8 billion  P&C insurance market. The brand offers digital natives a simpler and more convenient way to buy and manage home and auto insurance direct from their phones. Launched in 2018 with a strategy that emphasized safety, the new direction focuses on clarity and ease of use.

The messaging positions the brand as effortless insurance for a consumer who doesn’t want the time-consuming hassle of dealing with insurance.  The creative concept, “Go Online With Onlia,” highlights the clarity and simplicity offered by Onlia’s online platform.

Targeting a digitally savvy audience with a cutting edge insurtech product, the first spot uses rapper Choclair's 90s hit "Let's Ride" to evoke a nostalgic connection for millennials.

Julia Stein, Senior Marketing Lead at Onlia Insurance says, "Blackjet really impressed us with their strategic insights, the depth and quality of their team and their decentralized business model which gives us access to a wide range of talent as and when we need it."  

“Onlia’s benefits are crystal clear and simply said in the new spot,” said Stein. “Instead of trying to out-gimmick the competitors in a very crowded market, we focused on what makes us unique.”

“Onlia has an inspiring vision for insurance in Ontario,” said Rob Galletta, CEO of Blackjet, the creative agency that helped Ms. Stein bring the vision to life. “The new strategy really resonates with consumers and provided a rich creative seam for us to mine.”

The campaign broke in Ontario on May 30th, 2022 on-air and digital channels and will roll out across platforms through Q3, running until the end of the year. True Media was awarded the business in January 2022 and is responsible for the media strategy and buy.


Protect your car & home with Onlia Insurance – and get extra discounts while you’re at it.