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Onlia Insurance Joins the Southampton Group of Companies

Blue Onlia logo
by Team Onlia

Toronto, [April 30, 2024] — Southampton Financial Inc. (SHFI) proudly announces its acquisition of Onlia Insurance, a leading digital insurance agency based in Ontario. The strategic move marks a significant step forward in the commitment to revolutionizing the insurance landscape and an ongoing commitment to simplify the insurance experience for Canadians.

Since its inception in 2018, Onlia has challenged traditional insurance with its fresh digital platform, providing customers a way to seamlessly buy and manage their insurance online. With this acquisition, SHFI adds Onlia to its platform of companies, which also includes Aha Insurance, acquired in December 2023.

“We are very pleased to bring Onlia into our portfolio of companies and look forward to driving further innovation and accelerating growth in combination with other companies within the SHFI group. We intend to offer consumers a broad suite of products from our Aha Insurance and Onlia brands,” said Brian Reeve, Founder and CEO of Southampton Financial Inc. 

Steve Livingstone, President and CEO of Aha Insurance echoed the sentiment, adding Aha looks forward to working with Onlia to build a leading-edge Canadian integrated online insurance platform.

“For the past six years, Aha has focused on bringing digital solutions to the Canadian insurance landscape through our innovative brokerage platform,” Steve Livingstone, CEO at Aha Insurance, said of the deal with SHFI in December.

“We welcome Onlia as a member of the Southampton group and look forward to working with them to build a leading edge Canadian integrated online insurance platform,” he added.

SHFI is committed to providing strategic guidance, capital access, market expansion and back-end support services, including cutting-edge insurance technology platforms to its portfolio companies. SHFI’s shareholders include a vast network of insurance industry veterans, having extensive experience working with insurance companies MGAs and brokerages. They will help SHFI to redefine the digital insurance experience for Ontario customers.

The acquisition was finalized on April 30, 2024, ushering in a new chapter in disrupting the traditional insurance industry. 


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