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Onlia Launches Group Benefits

Sterling Capital Brokers Teams Up with Onlia to bring Auto and Home Insurance to Customers and Employees

Blue Onlia logo
by Team Onlia

Toronto, June 18, 2021 - Onlia, Ontario’s fastest-growing digital provider of home and auto insurance expands its simplified online experience to Ontarians through a new Group Insurance offering. Sterling Capital Brokers is one of the first who have signed on to offer group discounts to both its customers and employees starting today.

“Onlia and Sterling Capital Brokers have independently taken complicated and administratively heavy industries and simplified them through a digital customer experience,” said Fernand Vartanian Head of Business Development at Onlia. “We have a shared commitment to customer transparency which made for a natural partnership.”

Onlia has created the opportunity for employers to add auto and home insurance to their group benefits packages with a focus on preventing life-changing incidents. This means employers can extend benefits beyond standard physical health and mental wellness offerings. Since lost productivity on a job as a result of auto incidents is immeasurable, this is a welcome addition to businesses like Sterling Capital Brokers.

“Benefits mean something different to every company, but traditionally include health and wellness packages” said Stefan Ionescu, co-founder and Global Head of Sales at Sterling Capital Brokers. “We’re excited to now offer a more fulsome compensation package for employers with the inclusion of home and auto insurance powered by Onlia. Through this expansion, we can help extend protection from unpredictable events to our customer-base and to our employees.”

“Understanding how auto-related accidents affect overall wellness is an important factor in considering auto insurance at the group insurance level,” said Vartanian. “We’re happy benefits providers, like Sterling Capital, can help customers navigate prevention and protection from life-changing incidents like an accident or a flood.”

With Onlia’s new Group Benefits platform, employers can enable their employees to skip the paperwork, customize and buy property and casualty insurance online in just a few clicks.

To learn more about our new offering, visit or email

About Sterling Capital Brokers
Sterling Capital Brokers (SCB) was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. SCB is Canada's largest independent benefit consulting firm that specializes in servicing high-growth small-to-medium size businesses. SCB offers its clients comprehensive benefit consulting and customized plan management technology services which provides rapid and bespoke solutions to its client base.




Protect your car & home with Onlia Insurance – and get extra discounts while you’re at it.