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Onlia Steers their Message in a New Direction Just in Time for Epic Snowfalls

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by Team Onlia

TORONTO, January 21, 2022 – Onlia, digital provider of home and auto insurance took a different approach to their first-quarter mass marketing with a new message and optimized mixed media plan.

Campaign creative launched on television in mid-January and will appear on The Weather Network, Rogers, Bell Media and Corus networks. Onlia added radio to the media channel mix including both weather and traffic sponsorships. New creative launched on digital channels including Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

“There’s no better time than winter to make sure you have the right insurance coverage on your car to give you peace of mind,” said Julia Stein, Sr. Marketing Communications Lead at Onlia. “Even the safest drivers can run into complications during heavy snowfall or icy road conditions, so it’s important to know that your insurance company has you covered.”

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