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Onlia's Clever New Campaign Highlights its Obsession with Safety

Read about our newest campaign – we're obsessed.

Blue Onlia logo
by Team Onlia

Toronto, October 19, 2020 – Onlia, Ontario’s fastest-growing provider of home and auto insurance has unveiled a clever new campaign, entitled “Safety Obsessed” that uses humour to unite the brand with fellow Canadians who are just as conscious and safety-obsessed as they are. Featuring exaggerated in-car precautions, Onlia highlights its prevention-first strategy of rewarding customers for positive behaviour with their value proposition: The safer you are, the more you save.

“A lot of thinking went into the strategic pivot from our All for Safety positioning in the past, to our new Safety Obsessed advocacy, which is a significant brand differentiator in the insurance category today,” says Olivia van Eyk, head of marketing at Onlia. “With this new creative, we are challenging the notion that being ‘safety obsessed’ can’t be fun, because we believe it can - and everything about this campaign, from the strong colour palette to the stylized visuals showcase exactly that.”

Developed by DDB Canada, this multimedia campaign features particular characters, and includes broadcast (3 x :15 spots), OOH, radio, OLV, banners, and social creative, driving audiences to request a quote at Media Experts is responsible for the media strategy and buy.

The unconventional broadcast and online video creative takes typical car-safety measures to a humorous extreme such as adjusting the car seat until it is at its optimal driving position, buckling in with five seatbelts and scraping off windshield frost with meticulous precision and over-the-top care. 

“We wanted to make sure the creative delivered a quick, yet memorable insurance connection with Onlia, so we leveraged the brand’s distinct colour cues and iconography in each element,” explains Craig Ferguson, executive creative director, DDB Canada. “Onlia’s obsession with safety provided us with a rich starting point creatively, as well.” 

Campaign creative launched online on October 16th, 2020 across YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, and other unexpected platforms including: Tinder, Amazon Garage, and Kijiji. Social posts were also shared across all major social media platforms. Television spots will appear during prime time on Rogers, Bell Media and Corus networks. The campaign will be in market into 2021 and will feature two new spots in the new year.
Filming took place in keeping with COVID-19 protocols.


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