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Popular Weekly Series by Toronto Star Adds New Platform, Sponsored by Onlia

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by Team Onlia
TORONTO, Ontario (June 14, 2021) – Saving money can be a challenge – and for millennials the save-or-spend balancing act can be particularly fraught. The Toronto Star’s weekly Millennial Money series, launched in November, 2019, aims to ease concerns and offer ideas for how to save.
And now, the popular series has expanded into a podcast where money-saving solutions can reach a new audience of listeners in addition to Millennial Money’s reader base on and in the Star.

The series features a new person or couple each week. They are real people and situations, with their identities protected so they can speak freely about what many consider a very private topic. While the savings goals vary widely, the scenario for each interviewee is the same: they are asked to record every penny they spend in a typical week. Then, using tips from a financial adviser, they’re challenged to cut their spending the following week so they can save more money.

It’s this highly-relevant premise that has helped Millennial Money gain a loyal following and now, some 80 features later, it’s the perfect time to branch out.

Evy Kwong is the creator, author and now host of Millennial Money. “As a millennial myself, I never learned about finances,” says Evy. “Personally, I had a bank account connected to my parents’ for much longer than I’d like to admit. Financial issues for young people – in a precarious job market and with unaffordable housing – are closely linked to mental health. Our series has always aimed to shed light on money issues that millennials face, and also share their success stories, in the hope readers can take bits and pieces for their own life.”

The podcast format expands those stories of savings to an even wider audience. Sponsored by Onlia, the Canadian home and auto insurance provider, the new audio series will run for 17 weeks. The first episode released today, with a new feature each week through September.

“Every generation has different financial challenges and we’ve certainly seen this – as well as new concerns – during the pandemic,” says JP Fozo, a podcast producer at the Toronto Star. “Millennial Money uses personal stories to help offer relatable, practical advice to others in similar situations. And considering the demographic, we thought getting these tips out in a podcast would reach more people who might want to hear it.”

“Insurance and saving on insurance are essential to any personal financial plan. Onlia tries to empower consumers to make good decisions about how to stay protected at any life stage.” says Pieter Louter, CEO of Onlia. “Teaming up with Millennial Money connects Onlia to an audience who are actively seeking advice, education and savings, making this partnership a perfect fit.”



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