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Frequently asked questions

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Onlia Insurance app

Why is the app being discontinued?

The app is being discontinued as part of our company's strategic decision to focus on enhancing our core services and offerings.

When will the app be discontinued?

The app will be discontinued after the final cashback payout window ends on June 12, 2024. At this point, no further updates will be made to the app, and we recommend that you remove the app from your device. If you require support regarding the app or app rewards, you can continue to contact the app support team by email at sense@onlia.ca until June 15, 2024.

What will happen to my driving data that was collected through the app?

Your driving data will no longer be collected or stored by our company once the app is discontinued. We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that your data is handled responsibly.

Will I still be able to report claims through the app?

While you won't be able to submit a claim through the app anymore, you can still easily submit claims over the phone at 1-844-472-7901, via email to claims@onlia.ca, or online in My Account.

What will happen to any cashback rewards I earned through the app in May?

You can continue to earn your cashback as normal through the end of May 2024. The final cashback payout will be available until June 12, 2024. Please ensure you redeem any outstanding rewards before this date.

Can I still access my policy information through the app?

While you won't be able to access your policy information through the app anymore, you can still easily retrieve all your important details via our website using My Account. We're committed to ensuring you have convenient access to your policy information.

Can I download my data from the app before it is discontinued?

Unfortunately, there is no option to download your data directly from the app. However, if you have any specific data retrieval requests, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

Will there be any impact on my insurance coverage due to the discontinuation of the app?

No, there will be no impact on your insurance coverage due to the discontinuation of the app. Your insurance policy and coverage will remain unchanged, with your information remaining up to date in My Account.

Will I still be able to make payments through the app?

While you won’t be able to make payments through the app after June 12th, you can still easily make payment related updates in My Account on our website.

How can I provide feedback or ask further questions about the discontinuation of the app?

We welcome your feedback and are available to answer any further questions you may have. Please contact sense@onlia.ca, and our team will be happy to assist you.

Which phones work with the Onlia Insurance app?

Any phone running Android Marshmallow (OS 6.0 or higher), or iPhone (iOS10 or higher) will work with the Onlia Insurance app.

Do I need any additional hardware to use the Onlia Insurance app?

Nope! All you need is the Onlia Insurance app on your mobile device and a car.

How does the app detect a trip?

With location services and motion/fitness detection enabled, the Onlia Insurance app will automatically detect when you start and finish a trip.

You can enable push notifications and be notified when a trip starts, and when it ends / when the trip score is available. Simply go to Settings, select Push notifications, and make sure that trip start and the new score available are enabled.

How do I get started with the app?

Setting up the app can be done in just a few steps. Once you download the app:

  1. Create an account and verify your email address. Note: Onlia policyholders will need to make a new account since our app works as a standalone to our insurance.

  2. Follow the onscreen onboarding process.

  3. Accept the request to access location services and motion/fitness sensors on your phone and download your provincial map.

  4. Start driving! You can use the app to review your drive score and progress toward unlocking badges and perks.

Why does the app request to always have my location?

For the app to accurately detect and record your trips, it needs to access your location, and how quickly your location changes. This will trigger the app to begin ‘recording’ your trip details.

If you choose to share the location only when running the app, the navigation features will still work – but the trip detection features might not. This could impact your driving scores, and your ability to earn those sweet rewards.

You can disable trip detection in the app if you’d like. Simply go to Settings and use the toggle switch for Automatic trip recording. Don’t forget to turn it back on before you begin driving!

Why do I need an account?

Having an account on the Onlia Insurance app allows your trip details to be stored on our servers rather than on your device to save you some storage on your phone. This way, if you ever switch phones, you’ll still be able to access your profile and trip details.

Why do I need to verify my account?

Our app is currently only designed for the Canadian market. By confirming your email address and cell phone number, it helps us verify your eligibility for perks and rewards, and even more important – that you’re you!

We will always keep your details and trip data secure.

Why do you need to know my personal information? (age, postal code, phone number)

Having this information helps us better understand the demographics of our awesome app users.

This allows us to provide rewards that are most relevant to drivers!

What settings do I need on my phone for the app to work?

Once you download the Onlia Insurance app and create an account, you’ll be asked to give the app permission to different settings depending on the type of phone you’re using.

These settings allow the app to measure your driving behaviour and score your trips. Here’s how to enable the right settings for your phone:

For iPhone:

Under Settings, allow access to Location services by setting Allow Location Access to Always. You’ll also need to toggle on Motion & Fitness detection.

For Android:

Under Settings, allow access to Location by setting it to Allow all the time, and allow access to Physical Activity by setting it to Allow. Also, ensure that battery usage optimization is set to Don’t optimize.

Which phones don't fully support Onlia Insurance?

Certain devices don’t fully support Onlia Insurance’s in-app trip detection feature, including:

  • One Plus

  • Certain Huawei models

  • Xiaomi

  • BLU

  • Meizu

  • Certain Samsung devices

  • Asus

My phone doesn't support Onlia Insurance. Can I still use the app to earn rewards?

If your device doesn’t support the app, automatic trip detection may not function properly. You can try opening the app manually before you take a trip to ensure it’s detected, but unfortunately, there’s no guarantee this will completely fix the issue.

We’re continually working to ensure the Onlia Insurance app functions properly with all devices – if things aren’t working now, we hope you try us out again later!

I've earned a reward. How do I redeem it?

Congrats on being a safe driver! 🎉

After you’ve earned a reward, we’ll email you instructions on how to redeem it. Emails are sent to the email address you registered with.

If you haven’t received an email, contact us in the app via Settings > Support and we’ll make things right.

To see the rewards you’ve earned in the app, go to the Rewards screen and tap the wallet icon at the top of your screen.


  • You must verify your phone number to be eligible for rewards.

  • After earning a reward, you’ll have 10 days to redeem it.

How do I earn cashback?

You can earn cashback by driving safely on the Onlia Insurance app and having a connected Onlia insurance policy.

Our in-app rewards program lets you earn cashback when you maintain a Drivescore that’s specific to the reward level.

How is cashback sent to me?

Once you redeem a cashback reward in the app, we’ll send an Interac e-Transfer to your email address with instructions on how to deposit your reward.

If you don’t see an email after redeeming the reward, check your junk mail. To ensure you get the email in your inbox, add catch@payments.interac.ca to your list of safe senders.

Can anyone with Onlia insurance earn cashback?

Cashback rewards are available to anyone with an active auto policy connected to the Onlia Insurance app.

To be eligible, the auto policy needs to be active for a full calendar month.

What if I don’t maintain my driver star rating?

To get cashback, you need to end the month with the specified star rating. If you fall short by the end of the month, you won’t be eligible for cashback. But don’t worry – you can always try again next month!

Where can I see the rewards that I've earned?

Go to the Rewards screen and tap the wallet icon to see all the rewards you've earned.

You can opt-in to receive a push notification every time you’ve earned any new badges or rewards. Simply go to Settings and enable Push notifications.

How do I earn rewards?

You can earn rewards by completing various safe-driving challenges. Each reward has its own criteria you need to meet. To see what they are, go to the Rewards tab. Tap a challenge to see what you need to do to complete it.

Some rewards are easier to earn, while others really put your safe-driving skills to the test. Good luck and drive safe!

When will I receive my cashback?

Cashback rewards are issued monthly. If you’ve earned cashback, we’ll send you an email on the second day of the following month with instructions on how to redeem it. (Cashback is delivered via Interac e-Transfer.)

Can I still earn cashback if I get Onlia insurance but cancel it later?

To be eligible for cashback with Onlia insurance, you need to have a car insurance policy that’s been active for at least a full calendar month.

How do I use my Ultimate Dining Card?

To redeem your Ultimate Dining Card in-store, present the gift card email at the restaurant.

For online or in-app purchases, enter the card number and security PIN under the gift card payment option in the checkout.

To check your gift card balance, visit the Ultimate Dining Card website. Please note that the gift cards we send as rewards are not reloadable, and cannot be registered on The Ultimate Dining Card website.

Where can I use my Ultimate Dining Card?

You can redeem your Ultimate Dining Card at any of Recipe’s participating restaurants.

When does my Ultimate Dining Card expire?

You have 90 days to enjoy your Ultimate Dining Card reward. You can check the expiry date and the balance on your card on the Ultimate Dining Card website.

What is an Ultimate Dining Card?

The Ultimate Dining Card is a multi-brand gift card redeemable at all 10+ of Recipe's restaurants.

How do I connect my Onlia Insurance app account with my Onlia vehicle policy?

To connect your Onlia Insurance app account to your car insurance policy:

  • Go to your Profile
  • Tap Connect now
  • Enter your Onlia insurance account details
  • Select a vehicle policy to connect

Once you’ve connected a policy, it will display in your Profile.

Where can I find the answer for my cashback reward e-Transfer security question?

You can find the answer to the cashback e-Transfer security question in the app wallet once you’ve redeemed the reward.

To redeem the reward, go to the Rewards tab, tap the wallet icon, and select the Cashback reward. Once you redeem the reward, the security answer will show.

How do I deposit my cashback reward?

To deposit your cashback reward, open the email with the Interac e-Transfer, and enter the security answer.

Learn more about Interac e-Transfers.

You can find the security answer in the app. Go to the Rewards tab, tap the wallet icon, and select the Cashback reward to see the answer.

Will my driving score affect my Onlia insurance premium?

Your Onlia Insurance trip data and the driving score have no connection to your insurance premium and will never be used to influence the rate you pay.

What do the drive score stars mean?

They’re just an easy way to group ranges of drive scores. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1 star: 0 - 70

  • 2 stars: 71 - 85

  • 3 stars: 86 - 94

  • 4 stars: 95 - 98

  • 5 stars: 99 - 100

How can I improve my driving score?

Here are some pro tips:

Speed: Stay within the speed limit. Travelling 15 km/h over the speed limit in a residential neighbourhood has a larger impact on your score than travelling 15 km/h over the limit on a 400-series highway.

Braking: Look ahead so you can anticipate the need to slow down, and apply your brakes smoothly.

Cornering: Slow down before turning to improve your score, and avoid making sharp “U-turns” where possible.

Acceleration: Smooth and constant acceleration is key!

Distracted driving: Stay off your phone while on the road. Distracted driving is also detected by phone movement, so keep your phone in a secure place, like on a phone mount.

Contextual: Avoid driving between midnight and 5 am. Where possible, choose highway routes with high visibility, and avoid routes with many intersections and riskier urban environments. For more guidance, check out this FAQ.

Do I need to have the app open all the time?

No. The app runs in the background while you use your phone. You don’t need to take any extra steps to get the Onlia Insurance app to work.

How do I see a break down of my trip score?

In the Trips tab, select a trip to see the details of how and where your score was affected. You’ll see a list and a map of where driving events occurred during your trip. Click on the map to zoom in and see more details about each area!

Will I be penalized for unsafe driving?

No. The goal of the app is to help people drive safer and reward them for doing so; we'll never penalize you for making mistakes.

Can I remove a trip where I was a passenger, not a driver?

If the app detects a trip where you were a passenger (either in a car or public transit), you’ll have the option to mark the trip as a passenger. You’ll be free to do this for up to 24 hours after the trip has ended. It won’t affect your drive score.

Note that we have the right to keep the right to check trip deletion.

I don't want the app to record all of my trips. Can I disable trip detection?

You can disable trip detection in the app if you’d like. Simply go to Settings and use the toggle switch for Trip detection. Don’t forget to turn it back on when you are ready!

What is my driving score based on?

Each trip you take is scored out of 100. Your score is based on how well you perform in these 6 categories:

  • Acceleration

  • Braking

  • Cornering

  • Speed

  • Focus

  • Contextual

Using these factors, the Onlia Insurance app determines how your driving behaviour decreases, or increases, the likelihood of getting into a collision while on the road. Simply put, the safer you drive, the higher your score is.

Acceleration, Braking and Cornering measure how smoothly you drive and steer during your trip.

Speed measures how well you stick to road speed limits.

Focus monitors distracted driving which is defined as how long, and to what degree, your mobile phone is used while driving. Not touching your phone at all is considered a totally distraction-free trip.

Contextual accounts for the risk of driving on a particular road type (urban street, rural road, highway) and being on the road during certain times of the day. For example, it’s riskier to drive on a country road at night than it is to drive on a city street during the day.

What counts as a trip?

Any time you drive at least 0.5 km, the app will count it as a trip.

Trip detection is based on changes to your location, speed, and motion. The app is calibrated to recognize patterns that are in line with trips in a car, so walking or running won’t trigger a trip.

What's the difference between my individual trip score and my monthly score?

Individual trip scores are used to determine your monthly drive score. Your monthly score is what’s used towards unlocking perks.

What counts as distracted driving during a trip?

Distracted driving is logged by detecting any movement to the phone. The app senses that the phone is being used; for communication (like talking or texting), but also for browsing (like in a drive-thru or when your car is idling). This is done by detecting the movement of the phone.

Anything that makes the phone move while you are driving will count as a ‘distraction’. This might even mean hitting a big pothole. We understand that this can be frustrating, but unfortunately, the app can’t predict every type of situation.

When driving with the Onlia Insurance app, we suggest keeping your phone in a car phone holder or in a secure place to get the most accurate trip assessment.

Are Android Auto and Apple Carplay supported in the app?

Android Auto and Apple Carplay are currently not supported yet. But it is something our team is exploring for future versions of the Onlia Insurance app.

Stay tuned!

What is my contextual score based on?

The contextual score accounts for the risk of driving on a particular road type (urban street, rural road, highway) and being on the road during certain times of the day. For example, it’s riskier to drive on a country road at night than it is to drive on a city street during the day.

Here’s how we break it down:

  • Driving at night is riskier than driving during the day. It’s safest to drive in the morning (from 5 am to 9 am).

  • Daytime weekend driving (Saturday and Sunday) is generally safer than driving on a weekday.

  • Driving on major streets in an urban area during peak periods and at night is deemed to be the highest risk.

  • Driving on a highway through a rural area during the day is generally the safest way to drive.

What are badges?

Badges are our way of congratulating you for achieving a specific driving goal. You can unlock different tiers of badges and levels of points by consistently driving safely.

Badges are solely for fun – and bragging rights – as these points go toward your leaderboard ranking.

What is the in-app leaderboard?

The leaderboard is a monthly ranking of the Onlia Insurance app drivers.

Your rank is determined by how many points you’ve collected for driving safely. You can see the drivers who rank above and below you, as well as the top 10 drivers on the app.

How are my leaderboard points calculated?

Your points are calculated like this:

Average Drivescore x 100 + badge points + bonus points = Total leaderboard points.

Your Drivescore can be found on your app dashboard.

Badge points will depend on the number of badges you’ve earned this month and the level you’ve achieved.

Bonus points include 10% of your trip score for your first 50 undistracted trips.

How do I collect leaderboard points?

There are always safe driving challenges you can complete to earn badges and points. The more you drive safely, the more you can bump up your Drivescore and earn more points.

Can I remove myself from the leaderboard?

No, sorry. If you’d like, you can change your name and profile picture at any time in your app Settings.

When is the leaderboard updated?

We’ll release the final results for each month on the 2nd of the following month.

The leaderboard is updated in real-time every 2 hours.

The travel distance and duration recorded don't always match my actual trip. Why?

There are a few reasons this could happen.

Trip start detection may sometimes take some time to detect if the GPS signal is weak or if the driver starts a trip slowly. As a result, the actual travel distance and duration may not match the mapped route.

Additionally, some trips are reconstructed based on whether the start location is within 1 km of a previously taken trip end location. For example, when you pulled over for a minute to drop off a friend. In a scenario like this, the app will attempt to reconstruct the route to show where the trip actually started rather than when you started driving again.

If you notice anything that seems off, please let us know!

Help, the app is draining my battery!

Due to the nature of the app, it will always consume slightly more battery than apps that don’t use GPS.

If you’re taking a longer trip, it might be a good idea to plug your phone into a charger before you hit the road or charge it while you're driving.

The app doesn't record all of my trips.

Here are some pro tips that will help ensure more accurate trip recording: 

  1. Make sure that both location services and fitness and motion are enabled and set to always on.

  2. The battery needs to be sufficiently charged. If it gets below 20%, trip recording is automatically disabled to save battery consumption. Most of our users find it helpful to charge the phone while they drive.

  3. Make sure that your phone is in a stable position (preferably in a phone holder), and in a position where it has strong/consistent reception (e.g. not in the glove box).

  4. Don’t ‘kill’ the app after your trip.  Let it run in the background as it can sometimes take a bit of time to process the trip data. Terminating the app can interrupt this process and cause data to be lost. You can enable a push notification to get notified when your trip score is available. Simply go to Settings, select Push notifications, and make sure that the new score available is enabled.

  5. Make sure that the app is running in the background before you start your trip.

  6. A note for Android users: After a hard reset (either manually or if your phone shut down) you have to restart the app again so it will run in the background. Otherwise, it won’t record your trips.

  7. A note for iOS users: If you have automatic app updates enabled in the app store, you might need to log out and log in to the app again after an update. 

  8. If this didn't work, try deleting the app and reinstalling it from the app store. Your scores and driving history are saved in your account, so they will still be available to you.

Still not working? Shoot us an email at sense@onlia.ca and we’ll work it out together.

The app said I was distracted after I finished my trip, what gives?

Your phone needs a little bit of time to recognize that the trip has indeed ended, and you’re not … sitting at a red light or stuck in traffic, or whatever.

Want to be sure that the app has stopped recording? Enable push notifications and you’ll be notified when a trip starts and when it ends.

Go to Settings, select Push notifications, and make sure the trip start and the new score available settings are enabled.

The app tells me I was distracted, but I wasn't.

Even if you weren’t using your phone, but it moved around while you were driving (say in the cup holder, or slid around on a seat, or even because of a big pothole), it’s possible the app may detect a ‘distraction.’

Make sure your phone is in a stable position in your car, like in a phone holder/mount. This should help.

I placed a handsfree call using Siri / Bluetooth / car kit / etc., but the app still logged it as a distraction. Why's that?

There are two types of cell phone distractions: phone movement and using your phone via Bluetooth or wireless/hands-free connection

If the app detects phone movement – like if your phone gets knocked around while driving – it could be logged as a distraction. That’s why we suggest keeping your phone in a secure place, like on a mount.

If your phone is connected via Bluetooth or wireless connection and you make a hands-free call, that can also be logged as a distraction. While you may not be driving with one hand and have the phone to your ear with the other, hands-free usage still distracts drivers from giving their undivided attention to the road.

Our tip? Queue up your favourite playlists before you take off, and let those messages wait until you reach your destination. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

I forgot my sign in details for the Onlia Insurance app. What should I do?

From the sign-in page in the Onlia Insurance app, select Forgot password and enter your account email address. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

How do I enable push notifications?

You can enable push notifications and be notified when a trip starts, and when it ends/when the trip score is available. Simply go to Settings, select Push notifications, and make sure that trip start and the new score available are enabled.

Am I using the latest version of the app?

If you have automatic updates enabled in your app store, you will automatically get the newest version of the app as soon as it’s available!

Want to make sure you’re on the latest version?

  • Choose the Settings tab in the app and tap Support. Here’s where you can see which version of the app you currently have installed on your phone.

  • Then go to the app store on your phone and check which version of the Onlia Insurance app is available.

  • Update if necessary, and you’re good to go!

How do I change my personal information and account settings? (password, email address, etc.)

Select the My Account tab in the Onlia Insurance app and select your name. You can make changes to your details here.

Use the Settings tab to change navigation routing and push notification settings.

How do I delete my Onlia Insurance app account?
  1. Select the Profile tab in the app and select Edit profile

  2. Select Delete my account and enter your password

  3. Once your password is verified, your account will be deleted and your trip data will be removed from our servers

How do I connect my Onlia Insurance app account with my Onlia vehicle policy?

To connect your Onlia Insurance app account to your car insurance policy:

  • Go to your Profile
  • Tap Connect now
  • Enter your Onlia insurance account details
  • Select a vehicle policy to connect

Once you’ve connected a policy, it will display in your Profile.

How are you using my data?

We take your privacy very seriously. We do not share any personal information with parties outside of the Onlia Insurance app, whether it’s advertisers, analytics-service providers, or our partners in road safety.

We may, however, share anonymous aggregate data – like driver behaviour and profiles – with these parties as a way to help us improve the Onlia Insurance app and provide meaningful content and features. We hold ourselves to high standards in how we handle all the data we gather, and ensure any personal information you provide adheres to privacy and anti-spam legislation. 

You can learn more about how your data is used and protected in our Privacy notice and Conditions of use.

I have feedback or a question about the Onlia Insurance app that isn’t answered here.

No problem, we’d love to hear from you! Send us an email at sense@onlia.ca

We encourage any feedback you have about your experience with the Onlia Insurance app – it’s your ideas that will help us improve the experience for drivers!

For tech issues or bug reporting, please include a brief description of what you experienced, along with the type of device you have. We appreciate your support!

How does your app protect my personal information?

Onlia follows the latest mobile security standards to keep your data encrypted between your device and our servers. All communication between your device and our services is encrypted using TLS v1.2.

We keep your data private and do not share it with any third parties without your explicit consent. You can see the full scope of how your data is used and protected in our Privacy Notice.

What if my phone is lost/stolen?

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can access your account on a new device by downloading the app and signing in to your account. We recommend changing your password to keep your account secure.

How to contact us

By phone

Prefer to hear a friendly voice to help answer your insurance questions? Call us Monday — Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Start a live chat or screen share

Start a live chat or screen share session with a customer support rep through our chatbot. Get on-screen assistance and instant answers to your questions during regular business hours, Monday — Friday.

Email us

Have a question after hours? Send us an email at support@onlia.ca and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Share your feedback

We want to hear about your experience with us. Please let us know how we're doing, and where we can improve.

Report suspected insurance fraud

If you are aware of someone who is making false insurance claims, or who is illegally posing as an insurance broker to defraud others, please report it here.