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Digital Pink Slip Terms of Use

By choosing this convenience, you must ensure that your digital proof of insurance is accessible in its original electronic form when driving your vehicle. If you are required to provide proof of insurance coverage to the police or other lawful authority, you may be required to provide your device to a police officer or other authorized person, who may take temporary custody of your device for the purposes of verifying the insurance coverage. You accept the risk of loss or damage to your device when given to a third party. By providing proof of insurance to the police or others, you will be sharing personal information contained on the proof of insurance. It is recommended that you lock your screen when displaying your digital proof of insurance for inspection; a locked screen is an important privacy protection feature that significantly reduces the risk of other persons who are viewing the proof of insurance to access other applications and information stored on your device.  For more information about how to lock your screen, please see Digital Pink Slip Privacy and Security. Depending on which province/ territory/ state you are driving in, you may be required to carry the paper copy of your motor vehicle liability insurance card. If you require a paper copy of your motor vehicle liability insurance card, please contact us or access your account.  If others use your vehicle with your consent, you should transfer this digital proof of insurance to them or provide them with a paper copy of the motor vehicle liability insurance card.

Regardless of the format, the operator of a motor vehicle is required to have an insurance card in their vehicle for inspection at all times. Failure to produce a valid insurance card for reasonable inspection by a police officer may result in charges under the CAIA. The responsibility to produce an insurance card applies to any operator of the vehicle regardless of any technological problems such as diminished cellular service, drained battery or charge on an electronic mobile device, or limited or obstructed visibility of the electronic insurance card, e.g. due to a damaged screen.