Affordable car insurance in Ontario 

Onlia’s cheap insurance rates include:

  • Premium coverage
  • Protection in a few easy steps
  •  Automatically applied discounts


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How to get the cheapest car insurance quote in Ontario 

Get an affordable car insurance quote from Onlia in minutes, and be covered as soon as the next day.

Premium coverage at standard prices, with no paperwork required.

Required in Ontario
Liability Coverage
Starts at $1 million
Accident Benefits
Uninsured Automobile
Collision Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage
Family Protection
Accident Forgiveness
Included (for qualifying drivers)
Ticket Forgiveness
Included (for qualifying drivers)
Start a quote to see your price and more detail about how these coverages protect you. Some coverages are only available to qualifying drivers.

Affordable car insurance. Premium service.

Rewards for driving safely

With the Onlia Sense™ app on your phone, you can get rewarded with up to $40 cashback each month for safe driving.

Easily accessible


Customizable policies at your fingertips. Pick and choose your coverage limits to get affordable protection. Adjust your policy anytime online.

24/7 support


With 24/7 claims service, you'll have peace of mind knowing help is always here when you need it.

How is auto insurance from Onlia so affordable?

Onlia's base rates are competitive - plus, we offer a ton of discounts.
When you double (triple, and even quadruple) up on them, your premium can be lowered.

Conviction-Free discount

Save 20% when you have zero convictions over a three-year period.

Retiree discount

Retired drivers with a good driving record can save 5% on Accident Benefits coverage.

Multi-Vehicle discount

Save 20% on each vehicle you insure with Onlia.

Winter Tire discount

Save 2% for using winter tires.

Graduated Licensing discount

Save 10% off your first year when you get your G2 licence and have a good insurance history.

Renewal Loyalty discount

Save up to 5% for staying with Onlia.

Learn about all our discounts here. Start saving more on insurance now.


24/7 claims service

A team of real people is ready to guide you through every step of a claim, make service appointments on your behalf and resolve your claim simply and fairly.

Earn rewards with Onlia Sense™ for driving safely

Our safe driving app uses telematics to score your driving on factors like speed and cornering.
Drive safely to earn rewards each month.

Up to $40 in cashback every month

Drive with Onlia Sense™ to earn monthly cash rewards (up to $480 annually) as an Onlia car insurance policyholder. That’s how you get to the cheapest car insurance in Ontario.

You’ll never be penalized by Onlia Sense™, only rewarded.
The app has no connection to your Onlia insurance premiums.
See our privacy notice.

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