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Red Jeep at the foot of the Rocky Mountains

We know how exciting it felt when you brought your Wrangler home for the first time – let Onlia help protect it with insurance that’s just as versatile.

As a digital insurer, Onlia’s able to offer the flexibility Jeep owners need. Buy and manage your car insurance on your time, with full access to your policy 24/7. Just log into My Account to make changes when you need to.

That way, you can spend less time in phone queues, and more time on the road. Adventure shouldn’t stop for insurance.

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Required in Ontario
Liability Coverage
Starts at $1 million
Accident Benefits
Uninsured Automobile
Collision Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage
Family Protection
Accident Forgiveness
Included (for qualifying drivers)
Ticket Forgiveness
Included (for qualifying drivers)
Start a quote to see your price and more detail about how these coverages protect you. Some coverages are only available to qualifying drivers.