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Park and go. Easy.

Long-term parking: Pause your coverage and reactivate when you need it.

Many Canadians could save money with parked-car insurance

If you spend your winters down south in the sun, paying to insure yourself as a driver in Ontario seems unnecessary. It’s the same if you have yourself a summer sports car or winter 4X4 that you store off-season. And if an impromptu reason to stop driving came up, with Onlia Insurance you can buy and switch your policy yourself, from any device.

When you turn on long-term parking, you’ll be pausing all the coverages you need to drive while keeping the level of protection your car still needs while it’s being stored.

In insurance speak, it's called adding an OPCF 16 endorsement when parking your car long term. When you start driving again, add the OPCF 17 to reinstate the driving coverage.

So whether you call it “parked car insurance,” “long-term parking,” or the insurance speak version, it’s an easy way to put money back in your pocket.

You shouldn’t have to think about insurance

And you don’t really have to with Onlia, because we lay it all out for you. As an Onlia Insurance customer, you have full access to your policy to change and update it when and where you want to. With crystal clear coverage and easy-to-read policies, you’ll never be confused by coverage again. Onlia makes home insurance in Ontario simple, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and how you’re covered.

Our discounts are automatically applied, and if you’re eligible for extra coverages — like Accident Forgiveness — they’ll be added to your policy before you checkout.


What does Onlia parking insurance cost?

That depends on a few things — your individual price will be based on where you live, your driving history, and a few other factors.

One thing we can tell you for sure, is that you’ll be getting premium coverage for a standard price at Onlia Insurance. With long-term parking insurance (otherwise known as parked car insurance), you’ll be saving money by keeping a minimal level of protection on your car. Long-term parking keeps that money in your pocket for as long as you aren’t driving your car.


Isn’t fire and theft coverage part of comprehensive insurance?

Yes, fire and theft are two perils covered by comprehensive insurance. And that coverage would remain if you turned on long-term parking.
All your coverage remains intact — they just wouldn’t be applicable if you moved your car. So if anything happens to your car while it’s parked — like someone rear-ends it — you’d still be covered.
And, of course, you wouldn’t need any of the driver’s protection afforded by the other elements of your car insurance policy because you won’t be driving.

How to protect your car when you’re not using it

First and most importantly, leave your car in a safe place. A covered spot is best for two reasons: it would be protected by the elements, and it would be hidden from potential thieves or vandals.

Next, make sure the keys to your car are in a safe place that someone you trust can access if your car if they need to; like to warm your engine throughout the winter so your car’s battery isn’t dead when you get back.

Finally, make sure your car is parked legally so it’s not towed while you’re gone. What you don’t want is to get home ready to drive and instead are forced to claim your car from the impound lot, pay a hefty ticket and cover the daily impound fee. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Adding and activating long-term parking coverage

You can go online with Onlia to turn on long-term parking without ever having to call an agent or wait on hold for confirmation. In fact, you barely have to wait at all: your long-term parking takes effect the next day at 12:01 am.

Four simple steps for activating long-term parking coverage on your Onlia car insurance policy:

  • Sign into My Account
  • Select your car policy
  • Click Turn on long-term parking
  • Review and submit your changes in the shopping cart

And when you’re ready to drive again, you can go back into My Account and turn off long-term parking to reactivate your policy’s coverage. Remember to do this at least one day before you plan to start driving again.


Long-term parking coverage is one of many Onlia perks

From extra discounts, to flexible policies and 24/7 access to your insurance, long-term parking is just one of the benefits you can opt in to and enjoy with Onlia Insurance.

Get Onlia Insurance today to start taking advantage of our perks ASAP.

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