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New drivers save 10% with Onlia Insurance

New G2 driver? Get car insurance for affordable next-day coverage

Hit the road with confidence

Onlia’s taken the guesswork out of coverages. 

You don’t need to be an expert to get Onlia Insurance. Our policies are easy to understand, and even easier to set up, so you can have peace of mind that you’re protected when you put the pedal to the metal.

As a new driver, you’re faced with a lot of decisions that you’ve never had to make before — that’s why Onlia’s made the process as simple as possible. 

We’ve taken away wait times and paperwork so you can focus on becoming the master of your own insurance policy.

Our competitive new-driver rates and discounts helps you save more. With some insurance companies, new drivers under 25 could pay more for car insurance because they’re considered risky. At Onlia Insurance, we want you to start your road journey with us and stay.

Our graduated licensing discount gives you a better rate for your first year after receiving your licence. Plus, there are other ways you can save with Onlia, like earning up to $480 in cash back and other rewards for driving safely with the Onlia Insurance™ app.

Switch to Onlia in 3 easy steps

  • Get a quote online in just a few minutes

    Fill in a few details to see your price. Checkout, and be covered as soon as the next day.

  • Customize your coverage & see your discounts

    Adjust your coverage based on your needs, and see how much you save with our instant discounts.

  • Manage your insurance online, anytime

    Log into My Account to make changes to your policy. No phone calls required.

What Onlia's car insurance covers

Our coverage covers your bases – everything that’s required to drive in Ontario comes standard in our car insurance policies. Plus, you'll get extra protection like Ticket and Accident Forgiveness at no added cost.

*Mandatory coverage

Accident Benefits*
Provides medical, rehab and funeral costs to you, your passengers and anyone else injured in a collision.
Third Party Liability*
Covers your legal liability, even if you’re partially at fault for an accident.
Uninsured Driver*
Protects you on multiple fronts, like if you collide with an uninsured driver, or are a victim of a hit-and-run.
Direct Compensation
Helps pay to repair your car when you're deemed not at fault in a collision.
Helps repair or replace your car in the event you collide with another car or object.
Includes coverage for damage or loss due to fire, theft, vandalism, and more.
Rental Car
You’ll have access to a rental car while yours is being repaired or replaced.
Family Protection
If you or a family member is hurt in a collision caused by a driver who is underinsured, we'll cover the difference up to your policy limit.
Ticket Forgiveness
Free for eligible drivers, your premium won’t increase over a minor conviction.
Accident Forgiveness
Free for eligible drivers, your premium won’t increase after your first at-fault accident.

Discover more about car insurance


Save more with Onlia Insurance

Our rates are competitive, but who doesn't want cheaper insurance? Onlia's premium discounts are already applied before you check out.