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ROAM subscribers: Stay with Onlia for less

If you’re a current or former ROAM subscriber, you’re already an Onlia customer. Stay and save 5% on your car and home insurance.

Onlia is ROAM’s insurance provider

This means we are (or were) your insurance provider. And we’d like to continue serving you with everything we have to offer, including an exclusive ROAM discount for when you decide to buy a car.

Save 5% on car and home insurance as a current or former ROAMer

That’s on top of the exclusive discounts you’ll get by going online with Onlia instead of buying car or home insurance through a third-party broker.


With Onlia, you’ll get:

  • Flexibility to create and control your own policy
  • Freedom from ever having to call an agent or wait on hold
  • Convenience of the Onlia App™ — everything car insurance in your hands
  • Cashback of up to $600 a year for safe driving

Go online with Onlia for car insurance

Like with going online with Onlia for home insurance, the entire process is digital. But you’d have extra perks like:

  • Convenience of the Onlia App™ — where you can manage your policy, access your pink slip when you need it and submit claims without having to make a call or wait on hold.
  • Cashback of up to $600 a year for safe driving, which the Onlia App tracks. You could also win gift cards to your favourite restaurants and retailers, and compete with friends for prizes.

Car insurance extras from Onlia

  • Rental car insurance: Pay less than what you’ll be offered by the rental car company.
  • Long-term parking insurance: Peace of mind and protection during the off-season or a long out-of-town stretch.
  • Optional insurance: More liability or accident coverage.
  • Accident and ticket forgiveness: Your premiums won’t go up after your first at-fault accident or minor conviction.

Go online with Onlia for home insurance

The Onlia experience is fully digital. The savings this creates are passed on to you, and the convenience makes it easy.

Getting a quote, purchasing a policy, adding and subtracting coverage and submitting a claim — all of it done online without having to talk to anyone or wait a single second on hold.

And we can offer all kinds of discounts to bring down your monthly insurance cost, like for having a good credit score and for bundling your home insurance with Onlia car insurance.

Coverage from Onlia

  • Homeowner insurance: This will cover your private residence, protect the contents of your home and your liability if someone gets hurt in your home.
  • Renter insurance: Also called tenant insurance, it will protect your be-longings and give you liability coverage. It doesn’t protect the home it-self, but that’s fine because you don’t own it.
  • Condo insurance: Condo insurance will protect your unit within a con-do building, including the contents of the unit like appliances, clothing and furniture. It’ll also cover additional living expenses if you need to re-locate while your condo is being repaired.
  • Seasonal insurance: Insurance for seasonal homes will typically cover the outdoor structures on your property, the contents of your seasonal home and provide liability coverage.

Buy insurance online securely

Rest assured that your personal and payment information is stored safely when you buy online. Onlia is proud to be SOC 2* certified, protecting customers in more ways than one.

*SOC 2 is a voluntary certification that specifies how customer data collected by service providers should be protected from unauthorized access and security incidents.