How home insurance protects you – and all your stuff

No matter where you unpack your things in Ontario, Onlia home insurance will cover you.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

The inside of your home that is, when it comes to home insurance. Home insurance protects more than just your actual house — personal property or contents coverage protects all your belongings in your home.  It provides the money to cover the costs to repair or replace anything you store at home, in your car, or even in your garage or your shed so you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket if disaster strikes. With Onlia, home insurance policies come with Personal Property coverage that protects your belongings even if they’re not in your home at the time of the incident they’ll be covered anywhere in the world.


Getting your contents — or “personal property” — covered through your home insurance from Onlia is fast and affordable, and it’s ensured you can repair or replace your belongings in the event of an unpredictable event.

Content insurance covers:

  • Collectibles
  • Jewellery
  • Furniture
  • Electronic equipment
  • Fine art
  • Gaming systems
  • Clothing
  • Dishes and kitchenware
  • Appliances
  • Rugs
  • Sporting equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Bicycles

Sometimes you forget just how much stuff you have. So, when you move into a new home, you should take the time to make an inventory of what you have. It comes in handy when you include your contents on an insurance policy.

You can also take photos or videos of your belongings, so you have a visual checklist at the ready. Don’t forget the items in your closets, cabinets and storage containers too.

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How much home insurance do I need?

What you own, and how much it’s worth, will determine how much coverage you will get.

Onlia’s affordable home insurance rates and direct, online sign-up make it easier for you to get the coverage you need without paying extra.

As suggested, you can take an inventory of your items. You’ll have less in a one-bedroom apartment than say a four-bedroom house. Oh, and if you’re a collector of antiques, collectors’ items

or you own expensive jewellery, you want to consider adding coverage for your high-value items.

Remember, there are limits to coverage. For example, if the cap on jewellery is $2,500 and you own a $10,000 diamond necklace, you’ll want additional coverage.

Paying for addons will require documentation to prove the items’ worth. That can include receipts or appraisals.

Extra coverage for the unexpected

While many events are covered under your home or home insurance policy, there may be instances when you need extra coverage.

Always be sure to research what addons work for you and come ready when renewing your policy for the next year.

If you’re worried about how much you can pay for a deductible, you can always adjust at renewal.

Now, you’re ready to choose the right policy for you. See what Onlia home insurance has to offer, get a quote and customize your coverage today.

Home coverages that keep you protected

Onlia makes home insurance in Ontario simple, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and how you’re covered.
Emergency Accommodations
We cover accommodation and living expenses for you and your family if something happens to your home that makes it unfit to live in.
Fire Damage
Fire and smoke are common culprits of property damage. If they occur, we’ll make sure it’s repaired or replaced.
Frozen Pipes
We’ll cover damage to your pipes if they freeze during colder months (as long as your home is occupied).
Theft and Break-ins
Coverage for your belongings, like appliances, electronics, and furniture if they’re stolen or damaged at home or some place else.
Home Sharing
Occasionally rent out your place through Airbnb or another home-share service? We’ll cover your property.
Flood and Water Damage
Comprehensive overland water protection, covering flooding and sewer backup.
High-value Items
Want more protection for valuables like bicycles, jewellery, or artwork? We cover up to $10,000.
Lightning, Hail, and Windstorms
Extreme weather can hit hard. No matter what kind of storm rolls in, you’re protected.
Personal Liability Coverage
Legal protection if you’re sued due to someone else's injury or property damage, even if it happens in another country.
Identity Theft
If you or someone in your household is a victim of identity theft, we’ll help you through the recovery process.

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