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Save more on home insurance in Mississauga

Get the best home insurance quotes in 'Sauga city.

Get affordable home insurance in Mississauga

Welcome to Onlia, your go-to for home insurance in Mississauga. We get it, your time is precious and so are your belongings, and especially if you’re shopping for the cheapest home insurance. In the time it takes to boil water, you can snag a personalized home insurance quote from Onlia.

Our commitment to quick and easy home insurance extends beyond getting a great quote. With Onlia, we make each step of the journey simple and easy to understand. From the moment you click-to-buy, you know you’re covered with premium protection at an affordable price.


But Onlia Insurance provides more than just one of the cheapest rates – we give you access to your policy and the ability to make a claim right from your phone. In just a few taps, you can submit a claim and get the help you need directly through the Onlia Insurance app.

More about home insurance in Mississauga

Safeguarding your home

Home insurance is like bubble wrap for your safe haven, shielding you from life’s unexpected twists and turns.

From protecting against the elements to ensuring your prized possessions are covered, we’ve got your back.

Whether you own or rent, we’re here to make sure your home is your happy place.

We’re always here to help you with questions like:

  • Is home insurance mandatory?
    While home insurance is not mandatory in Mississauga, most lenders will require that you have it before offering you a mortgage.
  • What is the average cost of home insurance in Mississauga?
    The cost of home insurance in Mississauga can vary based on several factors including the location of your home, its size, construction type, and the coverage you choose. The average rate, homeowners in Mississauga can expect to pay anywhere from $833 to $2,274 annually for home insurance.

Home insurance, clarified

Why do you need home insurance?

Home insurance isn’t mandatory in Mississauga, but most lenders require you to have it before you get a mortgage. Home insurance helps you protect the investment in your home, your personal belongings, and provides liability coverage.

What does home insurance cover?

Onlia Insurance covers various types of damage to your home, including damage due to frozen pipes, fire and smoke, as well as loss due to theft or break-in.

Why choose Onlia Insurance?

A trusted provider

We’re backed by Fairfax Financial and Achmea, we have the resources to make insurance simple. Like other trusted companies, we’re regulated by FSRA.

Always online

Get a quote, buy insurance, and manage your policy online 24/7. Easy-to-read policies make handling your own insurance a breeze.

Privacy is our priority

We’ll keep you safe on and offline. Personal and sensitive information is always encrypted, stored, and transmitted securely.

Coverage at home

Whether you own or rent your home, we have the coverage you need. Protect your home and what’s in it with a home, condo, or tenant policy made just for you.

Flexible policies

Adjust your coverage, update your information or bundle your insurance through My Account any time. On demand changes, no paperwork or phone calls required.

Add more, save more

Save 15% on car insurance and 20% on home when you bundle, and up to additional 50% when you consent to a soft credit check.

Home coverages that keep you protected

Onlia makes home insurance in Mississauga simple, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and how you’re covered.
Emergency Accommodations
We cover accommodation and living expenses for you and your family if something happens to your home that makes it unfit to live in.
Fire Damage
Fire and smoke are common culprits of property damage. If they occur, we’ll make sure it’s repaired or replaced.
Frozen Pipes
We’ll cover damage to your pipes if they freeze during colder months (as long as your home is occupied).
Theft and Break-ins
Coverage for your belongings, like appliances, electronics, and furniture if they’re stolen or damaged at home or some place else.
Home Sharing
Occasionally rent out your place through Airbnb or another home-share service? We’ll cover your property.
Flood and Water Damage
Comprehensive overland water protection, covering flooding and sewer backup.
High-value Items
Want more protection for valuables like bicycles, jewellery, or artwork? We cover up to $10,000.
Lightning, Hail, and Windstorms
Extreme weather can hit hard. No matter what kind of storm rolls in, you’re protected.
Personal Liability Coverage
Legal protection if you’re sued due to someone else's injury or property damage, even if it happens in another country.
Identity Theft
If you or someone in your household is a victim of identity theft, we’ll help you through the recovery process.

Bundle home & auto to save in Mississauga

Maximize your savings with Onlia! Bundle home and auto to save 20% off home insurance and 15% off car insurance.

Other ways to save more on home insurance

The easiest and best way to save money on home insurance in Mississauga is to consent to a soft credit check. This could knock 10% to 50% off your home insurance rates.

Alarm system

You can save 5% by protecting your home insurance rates with a monitored alarm system.


Save 15% off your home insurance rates in Mississauga when you don’t have a mortgage.

Loyalty rewards

If you’ve been an Onlia customer for three or more years, you can save 5%.

What to know when choosing home insurance in Mississauga

Discover more about home insurance


Save more with Onlia

Save more on home insurance in Mississauga with discounts for things like protecting your home with an alarm system, and consenting to a quick credit check. Discounts are automatically applied at checkout.