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In less time than it takes you to get through to an actual human
at other home insurance providers, you’ll find the information you
need to make smart decisions about home insurance at Onlia.
Then you can execute your insurance plan yourself.

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Buying a policy from a direct insurer like Onlia means less waiting, less hassle, and less cost. That all starts with a quote for home insurance or a home and auto insurance bundle.

Going with Onlia for home insurance means no searching for the best price, no phone queues or paperwork, and no waiting on someone else to handle your policy.

A few things to look for in your Onlia quote:

Contents insurance: This tells you how much is covered for your personal belongings — think items like your bike, your wedding ring, your furniture, your dad’s guitar, and your prized sneaker collection.

Liability insurance: This part of the policy makes sure you are covered if someone were to sue you for medical bills or property damage they suffered while on your property.
Even if you were away from home when it happened.

Bundled savings: If you choose to bundle your home and auto savings with Onlia, you’ll get a 20% discount on your home insurance costs each month. Plus another 15% off your auto insurance.

Effortless insurance

Home insurance quotes, clarified

Get a quote in minutes, and be covered as soon as the next day. Our coverage descriptions are clear and easy to find. Onlia makes sure you know what you are covered for and what you are paying for your home and auto insurance.

Premium coverage

You’ll always get more than baseline coverage with Onlia’s standard policies. Upgrade your coverage and add extras for more protection.

Better discounts

Eligible discounts for car, home, tenant, and condo insurance are automatically applied at checkout. Learn more about ways to save.

24/7 support

With 24/7 claims service, you'll have peace of mind knowing help is always here when you need it.