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Safety comes first. Insurance is a close second.

Get personalized car insurance online. Safe drivers save more.

Modern protection for your car and home.
We blew the dust off insurance. Onlia’s coverage is easy to buy and built for today.
Car insurance
Protect your car and everyone in it. Safe drivers save more.
Home insurance

Protect your home and your stuff. For owners and renters.

Coming in 2019!

Caring claims

We're dedicated to making your claims experience simple, fair, and hassle-free.

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Short on time? I can get you an auto quote in minutes.

We’re rethinking insurance.

Done with traditional

Tired of old-school insurance companies? Us too. With Onlia, you can easily buy a policy online with no paperwork required.


Keeping it simple

Insurance shouldn't be confusing. We use clear and simple language so that it's easy to know what you're buying, and what you're covered for. 


Safety first

Preventing accidents is better than reacting to them. We facilitate and reward behaviours that help Canadians stay safer at home, and on the road.

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The platform is digital. Our team is human.
Our technology simplifies insurance so that you can focus on what matters, and we can focus on you.
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Short on time? I can get you an auto quote in minutes.

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Onlia cloud logo representing Onlia insurance, the safety movement, and the onlia sense safe driving app
Hi, We're Onlia!
A small team with a big mission.
Image of Onlia Sense Safe Driving app overlayed with image of couple driving in car
Introducing Onlia Sense
The app that’s driving change and creating safer roads for all Canadians
A computer screen displaying the Onlia Auto Insurance coverage home page where you can buy your insurance policy
Introducing Onlia Auto Insurance
Done with traditional auto insurance? Us too. Together, we’re changing it for the better.