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2023 Year in Review

Onlia celebrates its accomplishments in 2023 and looks forward to even more in 2024.

by Team Onlia

It’s time to pop a top again and raise a glass to this past year. Grab your confetti and join us in celebrating Onlia’s spirited journey through 2023 — because this year was one of our best yet.

It was a year filled with growth, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to simplicity and clarity for customers. We’re grateful to both new and existing clients who have chosen or stuck with Onlia as their insurer.

In 2023, we upgraded our app rewards program, further digitized the customer experience, and created the first embedded insurance partnership in Canada that benefits you.

There’s an app for that

Onlia elevated its in-app rewards program, allowing customers to earn up to $600 (up from $480) in cashback rewards annually.

A total of 33% of our customers linked their policies to the app, recording 2.18 million trips and awarding close to $300,000 in cashback and rewards.

Increased app usage provided insights to our team that enabled optimizations making it even simpler to use. We bolstered the claims section in the app, allowing customers to now make a home claims right from their phone. 

Not too shabby.

Digital transformation

In 2023, Onlia welcomed thousands of new customers, marking a significant increase in our growing community.

Embracing digitization, Onlia worked to further improve the customer experience with our chatbot, which received plenty of positive feedback after close to 60,000 interactions.

Our conversational AI chatbot has netted an 88% recognition rate, meaning it can pick up on your questions and it resolved 62% of the issues customers have without human intervention. That means we’re able to help you right out of the gate, no wait or phone queues required.

Our commitment to transparency and simplicity is reflected in our 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot. Plus, we shared a couple of newcomer testimonials in our Magazine.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our existing customers for their continued support.

Hey ma, we’re on TV

If you know the line, “I went online with Onlia,” you know our commercials. Thanks to that campaign, and our bustling online marketing presence, we had close to a million visits to our website.

Most of that traffic can be attributed to our branding throughout the year. Check out one of our newest ads below.


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Embedding insurance, plus a little help from our friends

Onlia proudly partnered with Roam in 2023 for Canada's first embedded insurance offering.

Roam’s car subscriptions are new to the Canadian market. They offer an alternative to leasing or buying a car – subscribers can:

  • Book their vehicle vehicle of choice, their plan and length of subscription
  • Choose to pick up their car, or have it dropped off
  • Opt for a pay-as-you-go option with no long-term commitments
  • Easily add drivers, change their car or alter your subscription.

Now, subscribers are automatically insured when they get a Roam vehicle. Payments begin with a refundable security deposit to secure the possession of the vehicle. It’s returned once you return the vehicle. Payments for the subscription are every 30 days, starting with the first payment on Day 1. The embedded insurance is included in the subscription.

Collaborating with companies like Air Miles, Holland House, Perch, and Roam is an essential part of how we better service more customers than ever in Ontario. We engaged with thousands of Air Miles rewards collectors, providing them with comprehensive car and home insurance options with rewards to boot.

We move in de-mysterious ways

Onlia demystified insurance through our digital campaigns, blogs, and emails. With close to a million users on our website, over 70,000 blog articles read, and almost 2 million emails sent, we empowered customers with knowledge and insights to take control of their insurance, and make informed decisions.

Insurance is often a misunderstood subject, and we’ve worked hard to bring clarity to what’s complicated to remedy just that.

TAG, you’re not it

Car theft has been increasing at an exponential rate in Ontario. In 2022 alone, there was a 48.3% spike in car theft. To help alleviate the strain on customers, Onlia worked with TAG Vehicle Tracking and Speedy Glass to develop a program to support customers with high-risk vehicles.

The TAG tracking system uses locator units known as tags and are professionally installed throughout your vehicle. These compact, self-powered units are carefully concealed in five random spots on the car, ensuring they do not disrupt your vehicle's electrical system.

Onlia covered the $399.95 installation cost and successfully ran a concierge-style program from August to December this year, ensuring protection for our valued customers via email outreach.

Here’s to 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, Team Onlia looks forward to an even more exciting year ahead. Anticipate new product offerings, an improved digital experience, and our continued unwavering commitment to making insurance easy to manage and understand.

Thank you for your commitment and for going online with Onlia to keep you safe on the roads and at home.

Cheers to an amazing 2024!

Team Onlia

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