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No Place Like Home

Bundling with Onlia: A Customer Review

Glenn Brown provides a customer testimony on how easy it was for him to sign up for Onlia’s car and home bundle.

by Team Onlia
Are you a home and car owner in the beautiful province of Ontario, facing the task of finding an affordable insurance company?

It’s challenging to navigate the world of insurance options. But don’t worry, many people have discovered that the process can be smooth and hassle-free for them.

Success stories can be found amid those shopping for insurance. Glenn Brown from Oakville was determined to find the best insurance deal. Glenn had been with an insurance company through an alumni deal through his alma mater, Trent University in Peterborough, but he felt the coverage didn’t fully meet his needs.

Seeking a change, and given the perfect opportunity, Glenn came across Onlia, and that’s when everything shifted for the better.

Through his employer 16 months ago, he was able to find an insurance plan that not only provided comprehensive coverage but also fit comfortably within his budget. Plus, he was able to bundle his car with his home insurance for even more savings. Read about his experience, through his own words: 

How did you discover Onlia?

I worked with (Onlia) for two years on a big Torstar marketing campaign. In part of that campaign, there were subscriber benefits and Torstar worker benefits. They sent out an email outlining their competitive advantage and a special offer to Torstar employees with a tweak in terms of savings versus the public.

Did you bundle your car & home insurance with Onlia?

Yes, it was a bundled package. I've got my home and auto insurance with (Onlia). I went through the online process and ended up getting a quote from them with better coverage (and) significantly better value. They forwarded me in terms of a total rebuild on my home insurance if anything was to happen.

The coverage seemed comparable. I was with (a major bank's insurance); it was an alumni policy I was on. I went to Trent University. They offered special discounts on and so forth for multiple policies.

Anyways, I went through the easy online process. I ended up being very informed that I was being overcharged, especially on the home insurance front. So, I decided to sign up and go with the auto and home quote, and I saved close to $3,000 a year.

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Tell us about your experience buying Onlia insurance

It was a super easy process. I saved a ton of money, which is unusual when you see most people saving $500 to $750, but my scenario was amazing. They put money back in my pocket.

How was buying insurance online?

Even if you buy it in another way, I think what it comes down to is really deciphering what the policies truly mean. … I don't really do that research to tell you the truth. It looked comparable to me once you just go down the line items, but I don't sit there and read 72 pages of legal.

The process was super easy. What was even easier was when I saw the amount of savings that I had.

Did you add any optional coverages?

Not that I recall. I think I was considering (coverage for high-value items) because of my wife's engagement ring. My wife's very, very careful with it, so I just didn't bother including that optional coverage.

Does anything else stand out from your experience with Onlia?

The ease of the process, which I already explained. The automated billing just kicked in because everything's super convenient. So, I don't have to think about anything. It's just automatically billed. The invoice comes in an automatic way. I don't receive any paper, and I don't like cutting down trees to receive paper, so I like the fact that it's all electronic.

Anything else you’d like to share?

The reality is that people should be shopping around a little bit more because I delayed doing that for 10 years or more. And when you don't become informed of what other companies, products and services are out there; you don't benefit from ignorance. So, the whole fact that it was my client, the fact that they said they were very competitive, which they ended up being very competitive, it's to your advantage to take a bit of time, see if you could save yourself some money for comparable coverage and an easy process.

At Onlia, we believe that every driver in Ontario deserves the peace of mind and affordable insurance. Just like Glenn, we are committed to finding the perfect coverage that suits your requirements, allowing you to hit the road with confidence.

Feel free to get a quote to learn more about our insurance coverage and how we can help you achieve the best options for your car and home insurance in Ontario.

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