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You’re a safe driver. You navigate the roads carefully, and you take the safety of your fellow motorists seriously. And while being a good driver is a reward in and of itself, we still think it’s nice for motorists to earn rewards for their safe habits the way others do for shopping or flying.

What to buy with $50 cashback

Seat gap filler

Sick of losing your keys, your phone, and your change to this vehicular black hole? Plugging it is as simple as attaching a seat gap filler to your seat belt catch. Gone are the days of pulling over to dig around for your phone or keys when they inevitably slide into this hole!

Car floor mats 

Show your car floors a little love. Think of how much dirt you bring in each day from the bottom of your shoes; and in the winter, all the salt corrosion you’re bringing in. A nice set of floor mats keeps your ride looking top-notch, and protects your car floor. 

Orthopaedic seat cushion 

Those long commutes in the car aren’t easy on your back, so show your spine some TLC with orthopaedic seat cushions. You can easily find ones with a non-slip bottom (no pun intended), an easy-to-clean surface, and a handle for those of you driving multiple cars. What’s not to love?

What to buy with $20 cashback

Funky license plate frame 

You may struggle to justify this novelty purchase, but you’ve got a little extra cash thanks to your rewards, so why not? License plates are mandatory, but you can easily spice yours up with a fun license plate frame. 

A sticky dash mat                 

This catch-all accessory is a neat way to prop up your phone or keep some change within arm’s reach so you’re not digging for cash at the drive-thru. Most have a washable design, so you can keep it clean without worrying you’ll ruin the adhesiveness.

A car windshield sunshade 

Do you know what sucks? Stepping into an unbearably hot car. One way to avoid the dreaded summer heat is by investing in a sunshade to keep your vehicle cool. Say goodbye to burning your legs on hot leather car seats!

What to buy with $15 cashback

Portable cutlery set 

Ever pop into the store to grab yourself a healthy bite, only to realize you don’t have any cutlery? We don’t recommend eating while you drive, but if you ever find yourself grabbing a quick bite in between trips, a portable cutlery set can come in handy. 

A car wash

Give your ride a little TLC with your cashback reward. Canadian weather is tumultuous even on the best of days, so there’s a good chance your car could use a wash on any given day. For $15, it won’t be hard to find a car wash that’ll get your car sparkling in no time.

What to buy with $10 cashback

An all-in-one escape tool 

If you’re ever in an emergency and need to free yourself — or someone else — an all-in-one escape tool can help. If you’re shopping for an escape tool, be sure to find one with a seatbelt cutter and a window breaker. We hope you never need to use it, but it’ll come in handy if you do. 

Phone mount 

Keep your phone in your line of sight with a phone mount. Not only will this be helpful when following directions on your smartphone, but it’ll also help keep your phone out of your hand so you can drive undistracted. 

What to buy with $5 cashback

Car freshener 

It can be impossible to keep your car looking fresh 24/7, but you can keep it smelling fresh. Buy a car freshener to make your commute a little bit sweeter. 

A breakfast snack 

So this isn’t technically a car-related accessory, but we’ve all grabbed a quick bite to eat on our drive into the office. While we don’t suggest eating and driving, it won’t hurt to stop in at your favourite breakfast spot and get a treat on us! 

Microfibre cloth

Every driver knows the struggle of having a dusty dashboard. Keeping a microfibre cloth handy to give your console a quick dusting between thorough cleanings will help keep your ride looking spick and span. 

With this list, you won’t have a hard time finding something to splurge on with your cashback reward. Let us know what you'll be spending your cashback on, on FacebookTwitter and Instagram using #OnliaCA!

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