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Onlia & ILR Car Control School Team Up to Offer Preferred Group Rates on Insurance

Onlia's teamed up with ILR to offer their graduates preferred rates on protection for home and car.

Blue Onlia logo
by Team Onlia

TORONTO, February 10, 2022 - Onlia, Ontario’s fastest-growing digital provider of home and auto insurance teams up with ILR Car Control School offering group rates to graduates of their drivers programs. ILR Car Control School signed on to provide a digital insurance solution to its graduates who can now go from quote to purchasing a policy online in just a few minutes, all with a discounted group rate.

“This is truly an organic partnership where both parties share a philosophy to exceed their clients’ expectations,” says Petar Germanski, Head of Business Development for Onlia. “Teaming up with ILR Car Control School will give us a broader platform to reach more Ontarians and offer them the most progressive insurance policies for the best prices in the province.”

Onlia has created the opportunity for employers & associations to add car and home insurance to their group benefits packages with a focus on preventing life-changing incidents. This is great news for the members who have completed one of the driving courses at ILR Car Control School as they can save time and money on insurance, a welcome addition to the additional skills that they learned from taking the driving courses through ILR.

“Our partnership with Onlia helps us in our mission to ILR Car Control School by bringing discounted rates with one of the most innovative insurance products available on the market,” said Ian Law, President, at ILR Car Control School. “Increased transparency, flexibility, and insurance that can be managed right from your phone are the future of property and casualty insurance.” We believe safe drivers should be rewarded and that’s exactly what they new partnership will provide!



Protect your car & home with Onlia Insurance – and get extra discounts while you’re at it.