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Onlia Announces Lambert Morvan as Chief Executive Officer and Fleur Dujardin as President

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by Team Onlia

TORONTO, January 27, 2022 – ONLIA, a leading provider of digital car and home insurance, announces that Lambert Morvan has been appointed CEO and Fleur Dujardin as President of the company. Both are experienced insurance business leaders, who succeed Pieter Louter and assumed responsibilities effective January 1, 2022.

These changes in leadership are part of a forward-looking position as Onlia evolves from a managing general agent (underwritten by Verassure) to an insurance company. With this progression of Onlia’s direct insurance business, both Fairfax and Achmea, Onlia’s shareholders, have committed top talent and a significant financial investment.

“In the first three years, the foundation was laid. We are confident that we have the right leader in Lambert Morvan, together with Fleur, to drive the strategy and next evolution of Onlia in Canada. Lambert has been with the Fairfax group for over 20 years,” said Jean Cloutier, Chairman of the Board.

“We are pleased that Fleur Dujardin accepted the position of President at Onlia. Fleur joins Onlia from Achmea in the Netherlands and was most recently the CEO of their fastest growing insur-tech – InShared,” said Robert Otto, Onlia Board Member. “With her breadth and depth of experience in the category, we know she’s the right person to succeed Pieter in guiding the company through these transformative times together with Lambert.”

Onlia and its Board of Directors sincerely thank Pieter Louter for starting the company and bringing it to where it is today. He has decided for personal reasons to return to Achmea in the Netherlands after more than four years in Canada.

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