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Onlia Partners with Young Drivers of Canada to Gamify Road Safety at the Canadian International AutoShow

Read about how our partnership with Young Drivers of Canada is making safe driving (even more) fun.

Blue Onlia logo
by Team Onlia
Onlia is the title insurance sponsor of the 2020 International Canadian AutoShow in Toronto. They’ve teamed up with Young Drivers of Canada, the country’s leading provider of driver education, to redefine the way people think about road safety. 

Together, they created “Play It Safe” – a safety-centric trivia game designed to test Canadian’s road safety knowledge. Contestants can win instant cash prizes, gift cards, and be entered into a grand prize draw for a chance to win free Onlia insurance for a year. 

Trivia players and show attendees are also challenged to put their driving skills to the test and learn about their own driving habits by downloading the Onlia Insurance App™, the safe-driving app for all.

Read the full article.


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