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Onlia Supports Auto Insurance Reform in New Ontario Budget

The Ontario Government's deep dive into improving auto insurance is a win for consumers.

by Team Onlia

TORONTO, November 6, 2020 – The Ontario Government's deep dive into improving auto insurance is a win for consumers. These changes will help foster economic recovery by reducing red tape in the auto insurance industry.

“It is clear that the new action plan – Protect, Support, Recover – continues to tackle issues that can improve the wellbeing of Ontarians during the pandemic through financial reform including the auto insurance industry,” said Pieter Louter, CEO of Onlia.

“We are pleased that the government will continue to find ways to put people first during these unprecedented times, and the period of recovery and economic growth ahead,” furthered Louter. “The next phase of auto insurance reform is very exciting for the industry. In preparation for the budget, we were pleased to have provided insight on ways to create more transparency within the industry and improve the auto insurance customer journey. We are looking forward to a more customer-centric approach that will digitize the end-to-end insurance experience. This type of innovation and advancement leads to greater savings for the end consumer and drives healthy competition within the category.”

Onlia was happy that the April regulatory changes made it possible to provide vital relief to its customers. The company's Premium Holiday in May helped alleviate the financial impact of the pandemic for the company’s auto insurance customers by providing immediate savings at a time when Canadians needed it most.
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