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We’re always looking for new ways reward to drivers who do their part to keep our roads safe, and one of the main ways we do that is through the Onlia Insurance™ app, our safe driving app. That's why we're proud to introduce our brand new Ultimate Dining Card rewards! They'll give users more choices for how they cash-in on their rewards for driving safely. 

Read on to learn more about how these rewards work, and how you can earn them. 

What is The Ultimate Dining Card?

The Ultimate Dining Card is a multi-brand gift card that can be used at over 10 participating restaurants with 1000 locations across Canada. You can earn them by completing safe-driving challenges and ranking amongst the Onlia Insurance™ app’s top drivers on the in-app leaderboard. 

Where can you use The Ultimate Dining Card?

One of our motivations for introducing The Ultimate Dining Card was to give you more variety in how you can use your hard-earned rewards. The Ultimate Dining Card can be redeemed at a variety of restaurants, so whether you’re in the mood for a quick burger and fries, or a night out for Italian with the family, The Ultimate Dining Card has you covered. 

Check out the full list of participating restaurants here. Click on the restaurant to find a location near you. 

  • Swiss Chalet

  • Harvey's 

  • Kelsey's 

  • Montana's BBQ & Bar

  • Milestone's 

  • East Side Mario's

  • Fionn MacCool’s 

  • Bier Markt 

  • The Landing Group 

  • New York Fries 

  • Original Joe’s 

  • State & Main 

  • Elephant & Castle 

  • The Pickle Barrel 

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How can you earn The Ultimate Dining Card?

There are three ways you can earn Ultimate Dining Cards in the Onlia Insurance™ app:

  • Unlock all “Everyday Driving” badges. Completing these standard safe-driving challenges carries a $5 Ultimate Dining Card reward. 

  • Successfully complete the in-app monthly challenge to win a $10 Ultimate Dining Card. The challenge is different each month, so be sure to check the app on the first day of each month to stay updated.

  • Rank in the top 10 drivers on the leaderboard in any given month, and you can earn an Ultimate Dining Card worth up to $100. First place wins the ultimate reward of a $100 card, second place earns $50, third place $20, and fourth to tenth place earns $10. 

There’s more where that came from 

Although free food is hard to beat, the rewards you can earn with the Onlia Insurance™ app don’t end there. If you have an Onlia car insurance policy you can earn Cashback rewards, too. Driving safely and maintaining a high monthly score could earn up to $50 cashback each month!

Drive safely, get rewarded, and share your trips with family and friends. See if they’re up for the challenge — a little friendly competition (and reward) never hurt anyone. Download the Onlia Insurance™ app from the App Store or Google Play today and get earning!

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