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Telematics 101

What is telematics, and how does it help increase safe driving behaviour?

by Team Onlia

In our 2019 Safety Index, we found that there were some gaps between how drivers feel about safe driving versus what their actions demonstrate. When asked, 88% of drivers said they would give themselves an A or A+ for their driving skills, yet 80% of them admitted to inadvertently speeding. Safe seems to be a subjective term when it comes to driving, but a new technology called telematics will be able to tell us the truth about our driving habits.

Telematics explained:

When learning about new, complex technologies, a straightforward explanation is often the easiest. In brief, telematics is a technology that assesses and analyzes your driving behaviour. It accomplishes this by measuring the following:

  • Average speeds
  • Harshness of acceleration
  • Harshness of braking
  • How quickly you take corners
  • Times of day/night you drive

How will knowing this make you a better driver, you ask?

For one, finding out that you have a lead foot when it comes to the gas pedal is an indication that you're not as safe of a driver as you thought. Gaining insightful details from your driving data can show you what areas you can improve upon when you get behind the wheel. Telematics makes you more aware of your driving behaviour, and you will become conscious of habits that you never paid attention to before. Before you know it, you will be challenging yourself to make each trip safer than the last.

Making roads safer for everyone is reason enough to adopt telematics, but there are other added benefits; it encourages people to drive their cars the way they were intended, leading to improved performance and fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency and safer roads? Saving both money and lives is a win-win for all.

Curious how telematics can help improve your driving habits? Download Onlia Sense to understand your driving behaviours, and be rewarded for safer driving.


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