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There are many reasons why it pays to go online with Onlia: competitive rates, great discounts, and a helpful claims team that’s available 24/7 are just a few.

We strive to put the needs of our customers first, and in today’s increasingly-mobile world, that means making products and services accessible from your cellphone. That’s why we’ve built a multi-purpose mobile app that provides utility in just about any situation. 

With the Onlia Insurance™ app, our customers can make adjustments to their policy at any time and can even earn cashback for safe-driving. But one of our app’s most convenient features is the ability to file car insurance claims straight from your phone.

With no phone calls or emails required, Onlia makes filing your first notice of loss quick and easy.

How to start a claim in the Onlia Insurance app

First thing’s first: make sure you and any passengers or other drivers are safe and out of harm’s way.  Do your best to pull over and make sure that your vehicle is safely off the road, in an area that is free of obstacles. Once you’re  safe, open up the Onlia Insurance app on your smartphone, and select Claims.  

Select the claim category

  • Emergency help: In cases of emergency, call 911. For non-emergency situations, ensure you are in a safe area before contacting us for assistance.
  • Claims involving injuries: Choose this category if you or anyone else was injured in a collision or traffic incident.
  • Glass-only claims: Choose this category if your claim is for broken glass, such as your windshield or driver-side window.
  • Notify us of a loss: Select this category to file your first notice of loss and get your car insurance claim started in the app.
  • Existing claims: Select this category to view your active or resolved claims with Onlia.

Add your basic information 

  • Date and time of the incident/loss
  • Location
  • Driver’s licence and information: This requires you to upload photos of your driver’s licence, as well as the licence belonging to the other driver involved in the incident (if there is one).

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Add photos

Using your smartphone, take photos of your vehicle to upload with your claim. Try to find good lighting, if you can, and avoid taking photos in an underground garage or at night.

You will need to upload a few different photos to complete the in-app claims process.

Online car and home insurance with Onlia Insurance

Photo #1: Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

This can be found on the lower section of your driver’s side windshield, near your dashboard, or on the inside of the door closest to the handle or below the door latch.

Online car insurance with Onlia Insurance

Photo #2: Your car’s mileage

Just a quick photo of the dashboard of your vehicle.

Online car insurance with Onlia Insurance

Photos #3 and #4: Front and rear driver-side corners

Snap one photo of each, standing roughly 10 feet away from the vehicle.

Online car insurance with Onlia Insurance

Photos #5 and #6: Front and rear passenger-side corners

Take one photo of each, standing roughly 10 feet away from the vehicle. 

Online car and home insurance with Onlia Insurance 
Photos #7-15: Damage to your car’s exterior

Take a few photos of the damage to the outside of your vehicle from multiple angles, including from the left, the right, and straight on.

Dashboard picture Onlia Insurance 
Photos #16-20: Damage to your car’s interior

If the inside of your vehicle is damaged, take photos of the damages from multiple angles, including from the left, the right, and straight on.

Additional photos

Upload as many relevant photos that capture the scene/incident as you can.

Include details about the incident 

For the description, write down what happened leading up to the incident and include supporting details, like the police badge number for the officer on the scene.

Once all the information has been successfully uploaded, an Onlia adjustor will be assigned to your claim. They’ll reach out with more information and let you know what to expect.

What kind of claims can you submit in the app?

We can only accept auto property damage claims through the app. Any home insurance claims, or auto insurance claims that are glass only or involve injury, must be submitted via email or over the phone.

How else can you make a claim?

  • Email: Home insurance claims, as well as auto insurance claims that are glass-only or involve injury, can be sent to
  • Phone: Call 1-844-472-7901
  • My Account: Log into your account and file a claim online. However, just like the app, you can only submit auto property damage claims using this method.

How long will it take to process my claim?

It depends on the type and the complexity of the claim, but Onlia strives to respond to all insurance claims within 1-2 business days. During the claims process, you can always contact your adjustor and request an update on your file. 

The Onlia Insurance app makes it quick and easy to get the process started, connecting you with our 24/7 claims team, who’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Just another reason to go online with Onlia!


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