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No Place Like Home

How to Save on Home Insurance

Read about the benefits of being insured by a direct digital provider, and see what discounts you can get with Onlia.

by Team Onlia

In 2022, the Consumer Price Index (or CPI, a tool for measuring the cost of living) went up faster than it had in 40 years previously. More troubling to many Canadians have been the price hikes on staple items like transportation (+10.9% year-over-year increase), food (+8.9%) and shelter (6.9%).

This shock to our economy has forced Canadians in all income brackets to rethink their personal budgets.

Keep reading if you’re like most Canadians and looking to cut living costs

A common response to, “Hey, we need to cut living costs,” is to rethink the way extra money is spent, and what needs to be reluctantly given up.

A better alternative might be to find ways to lower your bills before you go denying yourself some luxuries.

And it feels good to see that first lowered monthly statement, and then another one and another one after that. Some people like to add up all the money they save every month and invest it in the market. Others like to turn it into a week on a beach in the middle of January. Either would be a fine choice.

Start by cutting your home insurance cost

Home insurance is not mandatory in Ontario. But whether you own a home, rent a home, own a home you rent out or some combination thereof, it’s a very good idea to have home insurance for a whole host of reasons.

The average Ontario homeowner will pay $1,408/year for home insurance while the average renters will pay $489.84/year for tenant (or renters’) insurance. But you might not have to pay that. And if you’re paying more now, you could be paying less – much less.

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Go Online with Onlia for discounts on home insurance

Going with a digital direct home insurance provider (like Onlia) gives you the convenience of an online experience and savings potential of buying insurance directly from a provider, with no intermediaries raising the price.

Onlia stands out as a home insurance provider that gives you multiple ways to lower your home insurance costs:

  • The easiest is to authorize a light credit check. This could immediately knock 10%–50% off your home insurance costs.
  • Next easiest is to bundle your home and car insurance with Onlia for 20% off your home insurance and get 15% off your car insurance along with access to other car insurance discounts. And you can pocket an extra $600 a year in cashback by being a safe driver.
  • Save another 5% by protecting your home with a monitored alarm system.

Online, you can see all the discounts you’d be eligible to claim. And this makes sense because your entire Onlia experience will be online:

  • Build and buy your own home insurance policy, setting it to what makes sense for your living situation and your budget.
  • Update, add or remove any coverages as you see fit. For example, if you were planning to Airbnb your place, you could add Home Sharing coverage from your phone before your guest arrives.
  • Easily submit a claim from wherever you are.

You can do all this without ever having to talk to someone or wait around on hold. When you go online with Onlia, everything is seamless and easy.

Onlia rewards safe bets with great rates

When you’ve taken steps to be less of a risk, like maintaining a good credit score or paying off your mortgage, you deserve to pay less

You have that when you Go Online with Onlia. And you cut down your living costs.

Choose Onlia to start saving on auto & home insurance

Getting coverage has never been easier.

Discover more about car & home insurance