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When you’re shopping for home or car insurance, you’ll be presented with all kinds of options, directions and choices. Most of them will have pros and cons, and some will have more pros than cons.

One option that skews pro is buying your home or car insurance online. And the best way to do that is to find a digital direct provider.

What is direct insurance?

For many when they’re buying car insurance, they’d get in touch with a broker who then goes out there to find the right car insurance product for them.

Choosing a digital-first provider – like Onlia Insurance – means everything related to insurance is done online, from getting a quote and buying a policy to changing a policy or submitting a claim.

This keeps costs down, and our approach is to pass the savings on to you — with the added benefit of never having to call in or wait on hold.

For example, Onlia car insurance rates are generally about $750 cheaper than other options when all the discounts are factored in.

And then, if you decide to download the Onlia Insurance app, you can get up to $600 cashback in your pocket every year.  

And speaking of that app, buying direct lets you take full advantage of the technology offered by your insurance provider. In this case you can make any policy change right from the Onlia Insurance app, and you can find your insurance documents when you need them and where you need them. Plus, you can add your pink slip to your mobile wallet, so you’ll never have to dig around your glovebox again.

What else can you buy direct?

Outside of car and home insurance, you’ll find options for things like getting a mortgage online directly. Perch is a great example — their online platform allows you to compare mortgage rates from over 30+ lenders, track property insights and easily start a refinance or renewal application. Plus, if you’re ever stuck, they have brokers to help advise you along the way.

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Go online with Onlia

Onlia customers can see our full menu of discounts for car and home insurance, and exactly how many are applied to your quote before you checkout. This means you’re in full control of your policy, right from getting a quote straight through to submitting a claim online if you ever need to.

Going online with Onlia also gets you access to the perks and coverages we offer:

  • Car rental insurance that will be cheaper than you’ll get from any rental car company.
  • Home sharing coverage in case you want to monetize your property by putting it on the short-term rental market.
  • Accident forgiveness so your premiums won’t go up after your first minor conviction.

“But what if I need to talk to someone?”

Going direct doesn’t mean you need to have to give up customer support, or that the claims process will be lacking.

If you need help or just want someone on your side when buying insurance, we have an intuitive screen-sharing tool that we can use to help guide you through to make sure you get the policy you need.

Our claims team is available 24/7/365. And all our agents are trained to walk you through any situation and get you the assistance you need after damage to your home, car or belongings.

Click your way to cheaper, better car insurance

If a more empowered relationship with your home and auto insurance provider is what you’d like, try going direct and go online with Onlia.

Choose Onlia to start saving on auto & home insurance

Getting coverage has never been easier.

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