Car insurance in Kitchener

Go online with Onlia and save on car insurance in southeastern Ontario.

How much is car insurance in Kitchener?

With the average cost of car insurance in Kitchener just over $2,300 – well above the provincial average of $1,500 - $1700 – it’s essential that residents get the best deal they can for the coverage they need.

Kitchener is home to North America’s largest Oktoberfest celebration, but it is more than just an autumn landing spot for revelers. Although it is up to its lederhosen in German and Mennonite roots, it is also one of the most rapidly growing areas in the province. Between 2016 to 2021 the population in 

Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge increased by 10.1%. More people mean more cars, so that means it’s vital to have your car protected with premium coverage from Onlia Insurance.

Go online with Onlia for car insurance

Buying car insurance from Onlia is a fully digital experience. That’s part of what makes it affordable; there’s no time wasted waiting for agents or brokers.

Direct insurance is better for everybody who needs car insurance. Direct lets you:

  • Add or subtract your coverage as you see fit
  • Make your own insurance decisions
  • Know the money is going to be there if you need it

Going online with Onlia is the easiest way to go direct with your car insurance in Kitchener. Because we’re direct, we can offer all kinds of discounts to bring down your monthly insurance cost, like for having winter tires or bundling with home insurance.

Switch to Onlia in 3 easy steps

  • 1

    Customize your coverage & see your discounts

    Adjust your coverage based on your needs, and see how much you save with our instant discounts.
  • 2

    Get a quote online in just a few minutes

    Fill in a few details to see your price. Checkout, and be covered as soon as the next day.
  • 3

    Manage your insurance online, anytime

    Log into My Account to make changes to your policy. No phone calls required.

Car insurance coverage in Kitchener

It’s the law in Ontario to have basic car insurance. Every Onlia car insurance policy comes with what’s provincially mandated, and drivers can elevate their coverage by adding more protection to suit their needs.

Coverage from Onlia

*Mandatory in Ontario

Direct Compensation*
Accident Benefits*
Third Party Liability*
Uninsured Driver*
Rental Car
Accident Forgiveness
Free for eligible drivers
Ticket Forgiveness
Free for eligible drivers

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