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Hassle-free car insurance in Scarborough

As you navigate from the picturesque Bluffers Park or embark on a visit to the Toronto Zoo, you need car insurance that goes the distance. Onlia car insurance is easy to buy, and comes with the coverage you need to drive in Ontario — plus extras at no added cost.

Our hassle-free car insurance caters to the unique demands of Scarborough’s expanding communities.

How much does car insurance in Scarborough cost?


The average cost of car insurance in Scarborough in mid-2023 was about $3,376 per year or $281 per month. It’s more than the provincial average of $2,511 per year or $209.25 per month.

Scarborough’s most affordable option for car insurance

Getting affordable car insurance in Scarborough is crucial when you’re trying to balance your budget. There are a few things you can do to find the most affordable car insurance:

  • Choose the right car
    Insurers use the Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating (CLEAR) system to determine the likelihood of your car being involved in a claim, and how much it might cost. Choosing one with a lower CLEAR number can help you get the cheapest insurance possible.
  • Adjust your coverage to reflect your needs
    You can decrease the amount of coverage, increase your deductible, or remove optional endorsements to shave a little extra off your monthly cost. Remember though, you may pay more out of pocket when you make a claim, and you may have less protection when decreasing coverages.
  • Bundle your home and auto insurance
    Most providers will offer significantly discounted rates when you insure your home and car(s) with them.
  • Take advantage of discounts
    Most providers offer discounts for things like being claims-free, insuring multiple cars, and installing winter tires. Find one that puts the most money back in your pocket. See Onlia’s car insurance discounts.
  • Use a safe driving app
    Safe drivers save more — Onlia customers can get up to $50 cashback each month by driving with the Onlia InsuranceTM app.

Why Scarborough drivers should choose Onlia 

When choosing an insurance company in the Toronto burrough, consider factors such as coverage options, affordability, reputation, customer service, specialized services, claims handling and available discounts.

Onlia makes buying and managing your insurance simple:

  • You can add or subtract your coverage as you see fit.
  • You have the freedom to make your own insurance decisions.
  • No paperwork or phone calls required to buy your manage your policy, saving you more time (and money)

Save $750* on car & home insurance

Bundle your car and home insurance policies with Onlia to save 20% on car and 15% on home coverage.

All the coverage you need, and then some

In order for you to drive in Ontario, you need the minimum coverage:

  • Third-party Liability: Protects you when you’re responsible for an auto accident in which someone else is injured, killed, or has their property damaged. Learn more about Third-party Liability coverage.
  • Accident Benefits: Covers certain aspects of injuries to you/your passengers because of an automobile accident.
  • Direct Compensation – Property Damage (DCPD): Covers damage to your vehicle when you’re in an accident that’s not your fault.
  • Uninsured Automobile: If you're in a collision where the other driver is at-fault but doesn't have insurance, your insurance provider will cover the damage to your vehicle. Learn more about Uninsured Automobile coverage.

Along with all the mandatory coverage you need to legally drive in Ontario, you can round out your policy with extra protection. 

Extra coverages can include:

  • Family Protection: If you or a family member is hurt in a collision caused by a driver who is underinsured, we'll cover the difference up to your coverage limit.
  • Increased Third Party Liability: Minimize risk by boosting your liability coverage limit from $1 million to $2 million.
  • Enhanced Rental Automobile Package: Our enhanced get-around guarantee gives you more options when it comes to rental cars if your vehicle is damaged in an accident.
  • Optional Accident Benefits Coverages: Standard Accident Benefits provide compensation if you, your passengers, or pedestrians are injured, as the result of an incident. You can increase this protection by adding more coverage.
  • Automobile Purchase/Leased Price Guarantee: In the event of an accident that damages your vehicle beyond repair, if you bought or leased your car new, we’ll pay to replace it with a new one that’s a similar make and model.
  • Permission to Carry Paying Passengers: This allows you to accept compensation for giving colleagues a ride to and from your workplace.

How car insurance rates are determined in Scarborough

The price of car insurance in Scarborough is based on several factors.

These include the type of vehicle you drive, your age, your gender, years of experience driving, annual distance driven, at-fault collisions, postal code, coverage options, deductible and the number of drivers on the policy.

What affects your car insurance premium

  • Type of vehicle
  • Age, gender and years of driving experience
  • Typical distance driven each year
  • Driving history and previous at-fault collisions
  • Postal code
  • The coverage options you choose
  • The deductible you choose
  • Number of drivers on the policy

What doesn’t affect your insurance premium

  • Your credit history, including past bankruptcies
  • Your employment status
  • How long you’ve been at your current address
  • Whether you lease or own your car
  • Accidents where you were not at fault
  • Periods where you did not have car insurance (depending on your province)
  • The colour of your car — we don’t even ask

Choosing the right insurance for Scarborough driving

When selecting car insurance for driving in Scarborough, consider the following:

  • Adequate coverage: ensure the policy provides sufficient coverage for your needs, including liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Scarborough's busy roads may pose higher risks, so comprehensive coverage can be beneficial.
  • Accident forgiveness: look for insurance companies that offer accident forgiveness programs. Onlia has this feature to prevent your rates from increasing after your first at-fault accident.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: due to the high number of vehicles on Scarborough roads, there's a possibility of encountering uninsured or underinsured drivers. Having this coverage protects you in case of accidents involving such drivers.
  • Enhanced liability coverage: considering Scarborough's dense urban environment, higher liability coverage limits can provide extra protection in case of severe accidents.
  • Discounts and bundling: Onlia’s discounts are applied automatically and they range from small discounts on things like winter tires to bigger discounts when you bundle your car and home insurance.
  • Local expertise: Onlia is only available in Ontario so we’re experts on what’s local and we understand the unique driving conditions in Scarborough.

Discounts on Scarborough car insurance

Since car insurance is mandatory in Scarborough and across Ontario for all drivers, finding the best price for that insurance is ideal. While you don’t control how much the necessities in life cost, you can have a say in how much you pay for car insurance. That’s why Onlia is a good choice. We help relieve some of the pressure by offering discounts on car insurance.

Bundle Car & Home

What you can save: 20% off home insurance, 15% off car.
How you can save: Insure your home and car with Onlia.


What you can save: 20%
How you can save: Have zero convictions over a three-year period.

Graduated Licensing

What you can save: 10% off your first year when you graduate to a new licence level.
How you can save: Have your G2 or G licence and a good driving & insurance history.


What you can save: 20% off per car.
How you can save: Insure two or more cars on the same Onlia account.

New Car

What you can save: 10%
How you can save: Insure a car from 2020 or above.

Renewal Loyalty

What you can save: 5%
How you can save: Be an Onlia customer for 3 or more years.


What you can save: 5% off accident benefits coverage.
How you can save: Be retired and maintain a good driving record.

Winter Tires

What you can save: 2%
How you can save: Have winter tires installed.

What Onlia’s car insurance covers

Onlia has coverage to suit all Scarborough residents, whether you’re a professional commuting to the downtown core, or a student making your way to UTSC . Plus, get extras like Ticket Forgiveness at no added cost. Get peace of mind that you’re protected by adding the coverages you need:

Coverage from Onlia

*Mandatory in Ontario

Direct Compensation*
Accident Benefits*
Third Party Liability*
Uninsured Driver*
Rental Car
Accident Forgiveness
Free for eligible drivers
Ticket Forgiveness
Free for eligible drivers

What to know when choosing car insurance in Scarborough

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